“You asked, so I wrote something for you”

You asked, so I wrote something for you”

By Dwayne Alvin Hearn

You asked me

The other day to

Write something

A poem

About you

A poem that would

Tell you

Give you insight

Into, exactly

How I feel

Why I feel the way

That I do

Why I am so much

In love

With you

You realized that

You ask the impossible

Of me

Using just words

I cannot see

How to express

The way I feel

About you

How can I

Use only words

In an attempt

To share

To show my feelings

How much I care

These feelings

That comes from

Deep inside

With only words

I can’t describe

Feelings that are

Just below

My heart

Deep in my soul

A true love story

Just beginning

To unfold

Still I want

To find a way

So that I might

Find a way

To use words

To convey

Just how much

I care for you

Realizing for me

This appeared to be

An impossibility

To say what

I needed to say

I searched

I found

What I thought

To be

A better way

To do more then

Use words

To just say

How I feel

I will use

More than words

To show

Searched my heart

Let my feelings flow

Into everything

I say and do

For you

So that never again

Would you

Have to inquire

Why my heart

For you

Is still on fire

Exactly why

I desire to

Share my whole life

The rest

Of my life

Loving you!

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