What can I learn and how can I grow?

(6-28-07) “Today is the first day, of the rest of my life!” I woke up really early this morning once again feeling anxious and not at peace. Positive thinking like anything else takes practice and I intend to practice more. It seems to me that life (my life) offered me many challenges that I have had to work through these past few weeks. The past week has been extremely challenging for me.

I took an hour or so of time this morning thinking about my life and all the challenges that I have faced recently. I thought about how I had responded to these challenges and I realized something, for the most part I had not handled things very well! I believe that I do not have a right to criticize anything, unless I am willing to also explore solutions.

In my moments of silence I thought about what I could do differently, how I could feel better. I also thought about the importance of enjoying each and every precious moment of my life! I realized something, or perhaps reconnected with something deep inside of me. I would have to approach my challenges in a different way.

I believe that life is something that I actively participate in. While actively participating in this experience called life, things happen that are not always easy to deal with. I choose to call these experiences, challenges. Instead of looking at these challenging experiences in a negative way, I simply need to embrace them as a part of life (until I reach a higher level of consciousness and do not attract them into my life). I have to say to myself, what can I learn from these challenges and how can I grow from these experiences.

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