Good afternoon from Itabashi-ku. It is a beautiful day today since I woke up and good take another breath!


Earlier today I worked out and the fitness center for the 22nd day this month out of 27.  Even though I had already completed my goal of working out at the fitness center at least 20 days in the month of July I thought that I would do just a little more since my overall goal is increased health and fitness!


After returning home I planned to do the laundry, take a shower and then go to Starbucks in Ikebukuro and write some poetry. I started the laundry, took my shower and shortly before the laundry finished I started getting a migraine headache. I started of feeling nausea, then little blurred vision and eventually completely blurred vision. After that, the pain and the pounding start!




So now for my challenge, how to enjoy each and every precious moment of my life with a migraine headache? Well, the first I did after I finished hanging out the laundry was to lie down and think about feeling better. I have to focus my energy on feeling better one precious moment at a time!  Hopefully, I can still go out and enjoy the rest of the day!


Please take care, stay positive and have a great day!


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