I hope that all is well and you are creating new a ways to enjoy each and every precious moment of your gift of life!


I am back in to Tokyo after a 4-day trip to Houston, Texas to celebrate my grandmother’s 99th birthday! Can you imagine all the changes that my grandmother has seen in this world over the last 99 years?


I arrived safely at Narita Airport about 2:05pm after a one hour flight from Houston Hobby Airport to DFW Airport and a 14-hour flight from DFW Airport (Dallas, Texas) to Narita Airport as a result of a detour to avoid the ashes in the air over Alaska caused by an on going volcano eruption)!


My journey to the airport started about 5:50am with about an hour of sleep after a day filled with breakfast at the hotel, continued celebration of my grandmother’s 99th birthday in our hotel suite with Texas relatives, shopping, a dinner to celebrate my nephew’s birthday and socializing afterwards, a stop at my aunts home and some late night shopping. I finally made into bed about 4:00am just in time to catch about an hour of sleep before my alarm went off at 5:00am.


I had a most enjoyable experience in Houston!


That’s all for now! Please take care, stay positive and have an enjoyable evening!

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