I hope that all is well and you are finding a way to enjoy each and every precious moment of your gift of life so far in the first month of this New Year.


I am departing in a few moments for the San Jose Airport. First I need to return my rental car and then check in for my 6:20am flight to Dallas, Texas. I was originally scheduled to fly out of San Francisco Airport at 7:30am, however I received a call at about 3;00am explaining that my flight had been canceled. It was the second time during my travels that I had a flight canceled due to weather.


I believe that with every challenge that I face in life there is a something good that comes out of it, so I will be all right. Besides going without sleep and experience some inconvenience, what I am going through is nothing compared with what many people in Haiti are facing and will face over the next few months. So I will pause for a moment and be thankful for all the good aspects of my life!


That’s all for now! Please take care, stay positive and hope that you experience a very enjoyable year!

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