" I choose to always learn from my past experiences in life! 
I choose to plan (prepare) for my future experiences in life!
However, I choose to always live my life one precious moment at a time!"
Dwayne Alvin Hearn

This idea is the foundation for a book that I am working on. It is based on a philosophy of life I am developing called “Precious Moment Living.” “Precious Moment Living” is based on the idea of “Present Moment Living.” However, I believe that life is about more than simply being present; it’s about creating a quality experience each and every moment that I am alive. Since the past is finished and the future is maybe I believe that this moment takes on an even greater significance since it is all that I have, it’s the most precious thing in my life! 

For the month of June the theme for my Inspirational Quotes Community is precious moment living! I believe that by choosing to always live my life in the now, in this precious (present) moment I can create a more enjoyable life! 

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